St Andrews

Spring Show 2018

14th April Hope Park & Martyrs Church Hall St Andrews  11am - 3.30pm

Our Spring Show is always very popular and categories available for entries are:-

  • Cut Flowers
  • Rock Garden Plants
  • Pot Plants
  • Decorative
  • Childrens Classes

Full Program


    J Y Macarthur Trophy  Class 22
    Matheson Cup  Competitor with most points in classes 1-21
    Mrs Howden Trophy   Competitor with most points in classes 25-50
    Dr Sheila Lenman Salver  Competitor with the most floriferous exhibit


Cut Flowers Multiple Vases & Decorative 1st  £2.00 2nd  £1.50 3rd  £1.00
Cut Flowers Single Vases 1st  £1.50 2nd  £1.00 3rd  £0.50
Pot Plant Classes and Children’s 1st  £1.50 2nd  £1.00 3rd  £0.50


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