St Andrews



We receive a terrific amount of support from local business and organisations in and around the St Andrews area and we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of them..


 Pathhead Nurseries

 Between Pittenweem & St Monans     KY10 2OQ


 01333 730716

 Ziggys Resturant

 6 Murray Place, St Andrews               KY16 9AP

 01334 473686

  Jahangir Restaurant

 116a South Street, St Andrews            KY16 9QD

 01334 470300

 Home Improvements D.I.Y.

 27 South Street, St Andrews                KY16 9QR


 01334 472042

 David Donaldson   Roofers & Glaziers

 45d South Street, St Andrews             KY16 9QR

 01334 473965

 West Port    Print & Design

 14a Argyle Street, St Andrews             KY16 9BP

 01334 472072


St Andrews Gardeners   Show flowers 
CHINCHERINCHEE  213 South Street      St. Andrews  01334 209761
St Andrews Florist  
 FARMORE INTERIORS  175 South Street      St. Andrews  01334 478291  
 HOUSE OF HEARING  24 Argyle Street        St. Andrews  01334 470011  
 BASSAGUARD GARAGE LTD.  68b Largo Road         St. Andrews  KY16 8NJ  01334 474187
 MOT Testing, Service & Repairs  
 TOP STICHES   27 Church Street        St Andrews  KY16 9NW  01334 208380
 Tailoring & Alterations  
 W L WATSON & Sons  Hillwood Ind. Estate by St. Andrews  KY16 8PD  01334 840681
STUART NIVEN & SON    Unit 1  Hillwood Ind. Estate   01334 840222
Builders &  Repairers   Cameron by St.Andrews   KY16 8TR  
 FISHER & DONALDSON BAKERS   Church Street           St. Andrews  01334 625551  
 DYNAMIC HAIR HAIRDRESSERS  100 South Street         St. Andrews  KY16 9QD  01334 477150  
 COUNTRY CARPETS  68  Largo Road            St. Andrews  01334 654170  
CON PANNA  203 South Street          St Andrews  KY16 9EF  01334 479289
Your independant coffee shop  'F' conpanna  
CYCLEPATH  8 Pipeland Road             St Andrews  KY16 8AH      07909993505
 Bike Rental & Repairs  




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